[Samba] rsync problems with RH 9.0 via ssh

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Sep 25 00:19:23 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 04:22, Ron Liu wrote:
> Hi, there
> I have a samba server called "serv01" setup on RH 9.0 as pdc for my domain
> authentication and file server. It works great. I have another server called
> "serv02" with RH 9.0. What I am trying to do is
> Keep serv02 sync to serv01 using rsync for the /etc/samba/ directly and
> /home/ directly. So that if serv01 failed. I should be able to change the ip
> address and host name of serv02 to be same as serv01 and the domain users
> should still be authenticated and accessing their home directly and shares
> just as if serv01.
> Please let me if you think it is possible.

Just a note of caution.  You may be tempted to think 'why not make this
a real BDC, and use it like an NT BDC'.  Indeed, the idea is appealing -
NT does not (according to the manual) make changes to the BDC, so it
should all just work - right?.  The problem is that it's not quite that
simple - NT will send 'machine password change' requests to the BDC. 
Then, when the rsync run happens, that password change is overwritten,
and the machine falls out of the domain...

For real BDC configurations, you must use LDAP - as it is the only
backend that knows how to contact the PDC at the moment.

But if this is just an 'offline' backup, then the only issue is with the
tdbs.  If your rsync run occours while a TDB is in use, it may be
corrupted.  The tdbbackup tool included in the samba source (in the
'tdb' directory) allows for a safe backup of tdbs, by locking records
before copying them.

Andrew Bartlett

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