[Samba] OpenBSD 3.3 and samba-2.2.8

Van Sickler, Jim vansickj-eodc at kaman.com
Mon Sep 22 17:16:18 GMT 2003

A clarification to Step 1:

Add your server information to the hosts & lmhosts
BEFORE adding them to your PCs...it has to be done
manually;  hosts/lmhosts aren't dynamically (magically?)
kept up to date.

192.168.1.xxx	hostname	hostname.domain

e.g.	samba1	samba1.jpcs.se

192.168.1.xxx	PDChostname	#PRE #DOM:Domainname
192.168.1.xxx	"Domain-15chars \0x1b"	#PRE


See KB Article/PSS ID Number: Q150800 for more info.


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> A couple of suggestions:
> 1. Add your Samba server to the hosts and lmhosts files on your PCs.
> Copy hosts & lmhosts to the netlogon share directory.
> In your logon.bat put these lines (change "SERVER" to your 
> server name):

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