[Samba] Samba 3.0rc4 + SrvTools = unusual behavior

Ed emorris25 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 20 16:18:39 GMT 2003

Hello, when using the MS NT SrvTools (User & Server Manager for Domains), I
get an error when I try to access an individual user's properties ("The
following error occurred while accessing the properties of the user <blah>
\n The specified procedure could not be found \n The user properties cannot
be edited or viewed at this time"); however, when I try this same operation
from a machine not in that domain, it works.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this behavior and has any
thoughts on how I can correct the behavior so as to be able to use the User
Manager from the machine in the domain.

The details/history:
We have a test domain (NTDOM) upon which we worked out the kinks for using
Samba 2.2.x as our PDC.  Once the test domain was happy, we then created a
production samba PDC.  We're now updating the NTDOM (test) PDC from 2.2.8a
to 3.0rc4 (as part of a move to Samba 3.0).  We've upgraded the RH7.3 to the
3.0.0 rc4 rpm, imported the old smbpasswd file into a tdbsam (to gain user
profile control), set up the groups/groupmapping, and fleshed out the
smb.conf with the necessary add/delete user/group scripts (to allow user of
the MS NT SrvTools).

There are three machines in the mix:
1. NTDOM PDC - Samba 3.0rc4 - RH7.3 Linux: named "pdc"
2. NTDOM workstation - W2K Server (stand alone) SP4: named "ws1"
3. non-NTDOM workstation - W2K pro: SP3 named "lt1"

>From ws1, I get the error only when trying to view/edit an individual user's
properties.  I can administer the Domain groups just fine and Server Manager
seems to work fine.  However, if I log onto lt1 (a machine not on the NTDOM
domain) and establish a connection to one of pdc's shared as root, then when
I run User Manager and guide it to NTDOM, it works fine.  I can view and
edit individual user's properties without incident.

I've read through all the new documentation (the new html docs are quite
impressive and are well-formatted), I've scoured all the old documentation,
checked the mailing lists, and googled away--yet still have not come up with
anything.  If anyone has any suggestions or observations, I would appreciate


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