[Samba] Re-installing Suse and Samba

kurt weiss input.maillists at kwnet.at
Mon Sep 22 10:32:55 GMT 2003

the reason may be cups|lprng?
did u install it?
a little bit more information will be helpful.
we cannot help in case of an "any key error"

emma emma schrieb:
> I have SUSE 8.0 and Samba 2.2.3a installed, but since
> i cant resolve the printing errors, anyone have an
> idea on how I can re-install SUSE 8.0, followed by
> Samba?
> I have b4 now re-installed only Samba, but the
> Printing eroor persists, so my new resolution.... to
> re-install SUSE at first.
> thanks all
> Emma
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