[Samba] Re: printing via embedded USB printserver

brian gerkey gerkey at robotics.stanford.edu
Fri Sep 19 03:18:00 GMT 2003


Regarding my question below, it turns out, after a little nmap'ing,
that my printserver also speaks lp on port 515, so I don't need to use
Samba.  However, others may still want/need this question answered.


On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, brian gerkey wrote:

> hi,
> I'm having trouble printing with smbclient via an embedded USB
> printserver.  This printserver is a nifty little $35 box with an Ethernet
> jack and a USB jack that provides network access to your USB printer as
> a Windows share (a poor man's Jetdirect, if you will).
> I can connect to the printer with smbclient, but when I try to print
> anything, even a small text file, I always get the same error.  E.g.:
>   smb: \> print /etc/fstab
>   ERRSRV - ERRnoresource (No resources currently available for request.)
>   opening remote file fstab-23537
> I'm guessing that smbclient is trying to open a temp file on the
> printserver, which has no (or at least very limited) storage.
> Windows has no problem printing to this box, using the normal printer
> sharing support (i.e., it doesn't require any special client software).
> Any ideas?
>         thanks,
>         brian.

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