[Samba] printing via embedded USB printserver

brian gerkey gerkey at robotics.stanford.edu
Fri Sep 19 02:51:33 GMT 2003


I'm having trouble printing with smbclient via an embedded USB
printserver.  This printserver is a nifty little $35 box with an Ethernet
jack and a USB jack that provides network access to your USB printer as
a Windows share (a poor man's Jetdirect, if you will).

I can connect to the printer with smbclient, but when I try to print
anything, even a small text file, I always get the same error.  E.g.:

  smb: \> print /etc/fstab
  ERRSRV - ERRnoresource (No resources currently available for request.)
  opening remote file fstab-23537

I'm guessing that smbclient is trying to open a temp file on the
printserver, which has no (or at least very limited) storage.

Windows has no problem printing to this box, using the normal printer
sharing support (i.e., it doesn't require any special client software).

Any ideas?


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