[Samba] Installing office on a 3.0.0-8rc3 share

Douglas Phillipson dougp at intermind.net
Thu Sep 18 17:01:47 GMT 2003

I'm having trouble installing OfficeXP on an win2000 machine that has a 
samba share.  Office XP installs and gets almost to the end then coughs 
an obscure error and states that two files will be sent to microsoft for 
debugging, which aren't there I might add.  I can install the same 
software just fine on a share from a Win2000 server so my question is, 
how could it know the difference?  I'm not sure what additional 
information I could post here that would be helpful.  The share has full 
write permission and the files show up on the share.  Then at the end it 
fails and backs out all the files and barfs the bogus error message.



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