[Samba] Wierd problem with file sharing over internet.

Richard Coates rcoates at bigpond.net.au
Thu Sep 18 10:10:29 GMT 2003

I have never used cipe, are you sure ALL required protocols/ports are
routed over your vpn? The firewall isn't blocking you? Try comparing a
trace of the beginning of a connection (before the session stuff floods
past) when directly plugged in against vpn connection. You should see
what is failing. Don't forget the old "diagnosis.txt".

On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 03:15, James Knott wrote:
> I've set up a CIPE VPN, between my notebook computer and my Linux based 
> firewall.  While the VPN generally works well, I've noticed a strange 
> problem with file sharing from the local network to the notebook.  I set 
> up the VPN, with the idea of accessing my systems at home via a dial up 
> ISP, to my home network via cable modem.  The VPN works well for most 
> protocols, such as telnet, ssh, ftp, X etc.  However, when I try to 
> access files using Samba, about 12 packets are exchanged and then the 
> session stops.  A similar problem occurs with NFS.  What makes the 
> situation more perplexing, is that if I connect directly to my firewall 
> or via WiFi, Samba and NFS work fine.  In all cases, the VPN enters my 
> firewall via eth0.  This seems to imply that the problem may be due to 
> the extreme speed difference between the dial up access and my 100 Mb 
> lan.  If the problem were due to the firewall or VPN, it should be 
> consistent, no matter what the connection speed.  I'm using Red Hat 7.3 
> on all systems.  The problem also occurs, when trying to access files on 
> my OS/2 system.  Also, when I try to access files on my notebook 
> (connected via dialup), from my local lan, every is also fine, so the 
> problem appears to be asymetrical.
> Any ideas?
> btw, I can provide ethereal or tcpdump records of some attempts.
> tnx jk

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