[Samba] Re: More than one logon script, can I have?

Montgomery montybass at adelphia.net
Thu Sep 18 03:46:57 GMT 2003

You don't have to use a batch file for a logon script. You can use a Visual
Basic script instead. You can use "Select Case" to have it do different
things for different users.

"Max Harvey" <IT at smc.ac.nz> wrote in message
news:001c01c37d70$77dac120$16e1508b at Andromeda...
> Hi,
> RH7.3, Samba 2.2.8a, Win2KSP4 clients...
> I was just wondering,
> I know I can have a logon script based on a machine name, on a group, a
> username, etc., but am I able to actually have a combination of the
> above?
> I would like to have a standard group logon script (which I currently do
> have), but I would also like an extra script to run if they log on to
> particular machines under my domain... Suggestions?
> Max.
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