[Samba] VisionFS (old Unix SMB client)

barrie at tarantella.com barrie at tarantella.com
Mon Sep 15 16:57:21 GMT 2003

Hi Samba Folks,

Your download site (http://us1.samba.org/samba/download.html) contains
a link to our VisionFS product. Unfortunately this link points to
www.sco.com . The true home of this product is

The original developers became Tarantella when we sold the SCO operating
system business to the rogue organisation formerly known as Caldera. :)
We continue to do essential maintainance on this product which we built
as a competitor to PC based nfs, as we knew there was a better way!

Is there some one who can remove or amend this link? It is preferable
that we are not confused with the people who took over the SCO name.
See 'Samba news' 19th Aug!


Barrie Cooper          | barrie at tarantella.com
Tarantella Escalations | +44 113 251 2103

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