[Samba] sample configurations for samba-3.0.0

Marc Schoechlin ms-samba at bart.LF.net
Mon Sep 15 06:24:02 GMT 2003

Hi !

I'm currently testing out samba-3.0.0 - but I need a lot of time
to find out, how some features have to be configured.

To find out if your current samba-installation doesn't work because
of a configuration, a missing file or a bug in samba consumes sometimes
a lot of time.

I think it would be useful, if the samba-distribution would have
a certain directory for working configuration-files in the
examples directory.

In this directory there could be some subdirectories, i.e. called
"pdc-ldap", "pdc", "simple-server", ...

The file should contain typical setup-scenarios - i think that there are
only few basic-types for installaing a samba-server.

To find out this setup-types as a unexperienced samba-user 
needs many hours. I think it's better to have a working setup
for doing experiments - than starting from scratch.

Best regards

Marc Schoechlin


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