[Samba] Printing to a Windows shared printer from Linux: authentication problem

Joao Fraga jfraga at dq.fct.unl.pt
Sun Sep 14 14:50:00 GMT 2003

At my workplace, we have a Windows machine which is simultaneously a Print
Server and an Accounting Server. The network has got a Samba-LDAP PDC.

I want to configure Linux desktops to be able to print to the Windows server
(in other words, to a shared SMB printer). But since there is an accounting
server, the print job needs to carry SMB authentication credentials. So I
need the username/password of the user who is currently logged into the
Linux Desktop to be sent to the Windows server together with the print job. 

So far I have only been able to find instructions on how to configure a
remote Windows shared printer with a *system wide* SMB password. This
password is stored on CUPS's printers.conf file.  But this way, no matter
which user is logged in, for the accounting server the print job appears to
come always from the same user. And this is *not* what I want. Instead of
SMB authentication being hard configured on CUPS's printers.conf, I would
need a way to pass CUPS the username/password of the currently logged in
Can this be accomplished?

The Linux desktops are configured to authenticate its users on the LDAP
server and the Samba PDC uses the same LDAP user database.

Thank you,
João Fraga

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