[Samba] Question about DOS 8.3 mangling files name

OPSC Service opsc at darumaorga.com.br
Fri Sep 12 20:40:24 GMT 2003

Dear all,

	I have used the Samba 2.2.8a server.

	mangle method = hash or hash2

But when i make a "dir" command on the MS-DOS prompt, the file name
aren't the same from a disk on DOS local partition and Samba Server
partition. :-(

File name on the Windows view:

DOS prompt on the Samba Serve Partition:

DOS prompt on the DOS local Partition "C:\":

I would like to know how config the Samba Sever to print the file name
with the same name on DOS local partition.

Could someone help me?
Is there any way to do this?
Is it possible?

Rodrigo Noroaldo de Castro Fernandes

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