[Samba] smb/cifs protocol thingy

Alexandru Ionica gremlin at fmi.unibuc.ro
Thu Sep 11 21:54:13 GMT 2003

Hello, i have some big dilemas regarding to smb, and i couldn't figure out
the following(afer reading the docs):
When a client authenticates to a samba server does he send the hash of the
password over a clear text connection , or does he send the hash over some
kind of encrypted connection ?.
When there is a password change from the client, does the password travel
in clear text over and encrypted connection, or is the password hashed ?

I ask those question beacuse i'm wondering how the:
unix password sync = yes
is really working(couldn't make it work on a gentoo linux distro, think it
was beacuse of the chat script).

My goal is to crate a ldap backend for storing samba and unix accounts,
and i want to have 1 user and 1 pass for using both services

Permission to live...DENIED!

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