[Samba] more roaming profile woes after upgrading to 2.2.8a

Andre de Koning andre at vippayroll.co.za
Thu Sep 11 08:28:28 GMT 2003

I upgraded one of my samba boxes to 2.2.8a after all kinds of problems with
roaming profiles not loading corrently.

Everybody can now log in (as log as the w2k machine has sp3 or newer) but I
still get the following error:

Cannot start microsoft outlook.

This happens on w2k prof and on my w2k terminal servers.  I could fix the
workstations by adding their user account to the local administrators group
but I cannot do this on terminal server.  Does anybody know of a solution.

What's sort of stange is that it all worked 100% before - all I changed was
the samba version from 2.2.3 then 2.2.5 and now 2.2.8a - the error sounds
w2k related but I did not change anything there.  The machine SID did change
so I had to load sp3 on the machines that did not yet have it and had to
rejoin all the machines (340 of them) onm the domain.  I tried sp4 but same
André de Koning
IT Manager
Softline VIP Payroll
Tel: +27 12 420 7000
andre at vippayroll.co.za

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