[Samba] WinXP missing profile

Tim Combs tim at tcombs.com
Thu Sep 11 02:26:02 GMT 2003

Samba 2.5 setup as a domain server.  WinXP was connected to it and
had written a profile back to the server.  One day I get a call,
"All my documents are gone."  I go and look and there is a completely
clean local profile with none of his documents.  I looked all over his
computer and looked at 7 days of backups and no documents of any kind
but then he wasn't in the habit of logging off.  He had a Win2k system
that he was logged on to at the time. With a completely different set of
documents on it but no profile for it either.
Any possibility that the profile was corrupted somehow and WinXP
deleted it and created a new one with nothing in it?


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