[Samba] Accessing Samba Shares with AD usernames

Lars Wiberg lw at c.dk
Wed Sep 10 11:13:17 GMT 2003

I'm sorry if this post came through already ...


I'm working on a project where the plan is to place a number of Samba
servers on different locations as file and print servers. The samba server
is supposed to be a part of the AD, which is easily done, but the samba
servers are to contain a number of shares that only people with a valid
logon on the AD will be able to access.

How can this be achieved? Do I have to promote each Samba server to becoma a
Domain Controller and create a trust between the DC and the Samba DC? I'm
hoping there is a way to make Samba check the login on the DC and based on
that give access to the share.

I hope I am being clear enough.

In short: An AD user wishes to access a Samba share, but needs to be
authenticated somehow.

I hope you can help me out.

Lars Wiberg

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