[Samba] Not sure if samba really not responding

Alex LH Fung funglh at hk1.ibm.com
Wed Sep 10 07:30:07 GMT 2003


We are using samba 2.2.8a on AIX 5.2 ML1 download from:

The server works fine initially. However, after it had run for some time,
we hit the
problem that samba not responding to the command "smbclient -L <NB name>".

We have done some isolation as below:
1) Trace of the system calls under abnormal scenerio and see something
     getsockopt(3, 65535, 4104, 0x2FF21294, 0x2FF21290) = 0
     connext(3, 0x2FF212F0, 16)                      Err#55 EINPROGRESS

2) When this problem occur, the already connected clients can still work

3) We use the "smbcontrol <PID of smbd> ping <number of packet>" to test
ALL the
     active smbd processes (ps -aef | grep smbd) and see if the smbd
     smbd.log logged something:
    [2003/09/10 11:21:25, 1] lib/messages.c:ping_message(85)
      INFO: Received PING message from PID 92566 [none]
     Seems that the smbd responses but ONLY not responding to "smbclient

Do you have any hints on how to debug the problem ?
Welcome to advise if the above information is not sufficient.

Thanks and Regards,
Alex Fung

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