[Samba] Finding out who's on, from a Win2k Perl Script

Tom Dickson bombcar at bombcar.com
Wed Sep 10 02:07:57 GMT 2003

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If they are using Samba at the same time, you could probably do
something with the output of smbstatus.

But it might require Perl tricks :)

- -Tom

Max Harvey wrote:
| Hi list members.
| There probably isn't an answer for this, but just in case there is...
| I have samba running as a PDC (Samba 2.2.8a, RH7.3, Win2k clients). On
| one of the Win2k Clients (one I use for admin work), I have apache2 and
| Perl. One of my CGI-BIN scripts uses perl to do some web pages (nothing
| large scale, private use mainly with a ODBC database on the workstation.
| My question is, if somebody goes to the script from a machine, is there
| anyway for me to have my script determine who they are logged on as
| (assuming they are visiting from one of the ips in my domain naturally)?
| Would be really great if I could, but thinking about it I figure I
| couldn't, otherwise any of the workstations could (given the ip of
| another workstation) work out who was logged on.
| Administrate rights aren't a problem, as I have administrate control of
| both the workstation in question and the PDC (and all the other
| workstations on the domain for that matter if it were to help).
| Any suggestions, or isn't it going to happen?
| Max.
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