[Samba] Finding out who's on, from a Win2k Perl Script

Max Harvey IT at smc.ac.nz
Wed Sep 10 04:44:23 GMT 2003

Hi list members.

There probably isn't an answer for this, but just in case there is...

I have samba running as a PDC (Samba 2.2.8a, RH7.3, Win2k clients). On
one of the Win2k Clients (one I use for admin work), I have apache2 and
Perl. One of my CGI-BIN scripts uses perl to do some web pages (nothing
large scale, private use mainly with a ODBC database on the workstation.

My question is, if somebody goes to the script from a machine, is there
anyway for me to have my script determine who they are logged on as
(assuming they are visiting from one of the ips in my domain naturally)?

Would be really great if I could, but thinking about it I figure I
couldn't, otherwise any of the workstations could (given the ip of
another workstation) work out who was logged on.

Administrate rights aren't a problem, as I have administrate control of
both the workstation in question and the PDC (and all the other
workstations on the domain for that matter if it were to help).

Any suggestions, or isn't it going to happen?


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