[Samba] SAMBA3: Issues creating W2k users via 'net rpc'

Joe Mondloch mondloch at berbee.com
Tue Sep 9 20:41:22 GMT 2003

I'm not sure if this functionality fully exists yet or not... 

I would like to be able to create user accounts on a Windows 2000
machine from my Linux host via Samba. I also need to be able to assign
these user accounts to particular groups. 

I've tried:
net rpc user ADD foo -S W2K_SERVER -U Administrator

This seems to create the user, but the account is disabled and is not a
member of any groups. The 'net rpc user' command takes a number of other
options according to the help, such as '-F user flags'. Unfortunately, I
have not been able to find any documentation about what those flags are.

Thanks for any help,

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