[Samba] Trust domains

Kristyan Osborne kris at longhill.brighton-hove.sch.uk
Tue Sep 9 16:53:54 GMT 2003


I have one domain (DOMA) on a network 10.108.x.x mask and DOMB is on 10.251.x.x mask These domains are connected accros a WAN. I wish to set up a trust relationship between the two. DOMA has a samba 3 PDC and DOMB is a WIN2K PDC. The problem I'm having is the Samba PDC can't see the DOMB domains PDC. I have set up the intertrust accounts on the samba server and if I do net rpc trustdom establish DOMB I get "Coulnd find domain controller for domain DOMB".

If I do smbclient -L (DOMB) I can see the PDC for DOMB. IF I do the same on (DOMA) I can see the PDC for DOMA.

Should each PDC have the other PDC in there workgroup list??

I would welcome any ideas on this.


Kristyan Osborne
IT Technicain - Longhill High School
01273 391672

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