[Samba] iconv error in rc3

Demchenko Yevheniy zheka at uvt.cz
Tue Sep 9 15:23:06 GMT 2003

While creating files or directories on samba3.0rc3 with non-ASCII characters 
(i.e. russian, czech), explorer crashes and samba complains to log: 
"lib/iconv.c:utf8_push(515) short utf8 write"
Relevant parameters in smb.conf:
dos charset = utf8
unix charset = utf8
display charset = utf8
unicode = yes
This worked OK in samba3.0 beta1.
If dos charset is changed to 852 and unix charset to iso8859-2 (Czech), it is 
not still possible to create anything non-ASCII and log looks like
"OOPS - tried to store stat cache entry for weird length path"
System is RedHat 9.
Is this a wrong configuration or samba bug?

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