[Samba] Re: [SLE] Any way to do Linux User home directories via Samba

Jason Joines joines at bus.okstate.edu
Mon Sep 8 14:29:41 GMT 2003

Sébastien Taylor wrote:

> The way we handle this at my office is by sharing over samba to the 
> windows clients, and by nfs to the linux clients.  The nfs exports the 
> same data as smb so it's identical, but nfs is better suited for unix.
> Jason Joines a écrit:
>>   All of our user authentication is done via LDAP.  We have an all
>> Linux backend and tons of windows desktops.  We've just started getting
>> a few people to move to Linux on the desktop.  Is there any way that I
>> can have their home directory automatically mounted via Samba when they
>> log in?
>> Thanks,
>> Jason Joines
>> Open Source = Open Mind
>> ======================== 

  I use NFS for my Linux desktop.  However, our users have root access
to their desktops and I'm concerned about the security of the server in
that situation.  I no I can squash root but if the user can create a
local user with the same numeric userid as some other user, they could
then use that local account to access someone else's files on the NFS
  Maybe I just don't know how to set up the export properly.  I also
like Samba better since I can open up just one port to the client.


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