[Samba] Re: Computer Appears in Wrong Workgroup

Dan Rasmussen dras_2001 at msn.com
Mon Sep 8 14:30:19 GMT 2003


First of all thank you for your fast reply!
I backed up my smb.conf and deleted several samba directories 
(/var/lib/samba, /var/log/samba, /var/samba/cache or something like that, 
and another), did a remove --purge samba and reinstalled, immediately after 
replacing smb.conf with the one I'd saved and restarting the samba service.  
I'm still on the "Workgroup" workgroup according to both my machine and a 
Windows one in the area- though I can't access my share because 
LinNeighborhood "Can't resolve address" and Windows "Cannot find the network 
name".  Is the change supposed to take a while while it filters through the 
SMB network?

Any other ideas?  Maybe Samba starting by default when I install the package 
messes up, and if I replaced the default smb.conf with my own before Samba 
starts for the first time it would work?  That sounds awfully weird to me 
though, that it would be dependent on anything other than this one smb.conf 
file and reloading/restarting smbd...

Thanks again,

Eric DECORNOD wrote:
>Dan Rasmussen wrote:
>>I'm using Samba 3.0.0rc2-Debian on Debian unstable.  At the time being it 
>>does everything I want it to except one: I'm in the wrong workgroup.  
>>Despite the line
>>workgroup = BETASIG
>>in my smb.conf, I show up in the workgroup "WORKGROUP."  There is no 
>>mention of "workgroup" or "WORKGROUP" anywhere else in my smb.conf other 
>>than this.
>>Would be happy to share my smb.conf if that helps or provide any other 
>>relevant information.
>>Daniel Rasmussen
>   You can try to backup and remove the content of /var/lib/samba/ and 
>restart samba or try a dpkg-reconfigure on the main package.
>   I may help, if some of the files are not re-created you can take them 
>back from your backup or extract the content of the .deb package (dpkg-deb 
>--extract) to find a 'clean' verion of them.
>   A more radical stuff you might try is to back-up your smb.conf and 
>'purge'-reinstall the package.
>   I hope it'll help you, i use the same version of that package and don't 
>have such problem.

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