[Samba] Re: Computer Appears in Wrong Workgroup

Service Informatique iut-ulp.sos-informatique at iutlpa.u-strasbg.fr
Mon Sep 8 13:32:55 GMT 2003

Dan Rasmussen wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using Samba 3.0.0rc2-Debian on Debian unstable.  At the time being 
> it does everything I want it to except one: I'm in the wrong workgroup.  
> Despite the line
> workgroup = BETASIG
> in my smb.conf, I show up in the workgroup "WORKGROUP."  There is no 
> mention of "workgroup" or "WORKGROUP" anywhere else in my smb.conf other 
> than this.
> Would be happy to share my smb.conf if that helps or provide any other 
> relevant information.
> Thanks,
> Daniel Rasmussen

   You can try to backup and remove the content of /var/lib/samba/ and 
restart samba or try a dpkg-reconfigure on the main package.

   I may help, if some of the files are not re-created you can take them 
back from your backup or extract the content of the .deb package 
(dpkg-deb --extract) to find a 'clean' verion of them.

   A more radical stuff you might try is to back-up your smb.conf and 
'purge'-reinstall the package.

   I hope it'll help you, i use the same version of that package and 
don't have such problem.

Service Informatique
IUT Louis Pasteur Schiltigheim

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