[Samba] Windows Progamams and Samba PDC

axelma4 at compuserve.de axelma4 at compuserve.de
Mon Sep 8 12:27:29 GMT 2003

Hi Samba users !

we set up a samba PDC with a Domain in our school net.
Everything works fine and the W2k Clients are joining the domain.
But some Programs are not running from the w2k box.
On the lokal Machine we need an administrational account in order to 
install the windows programs.
After I log on into the domain I can´t run the programs - it is said,
that I have not the rights to access.
We put a User root with the same password on our lokal Machines - and 
the lokal group of Administrators - but the Programs run only when I 
log in the lokal W2k Wks :(

Please Help!

Thanks a lot !!!


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