[Samba] pam_smbpass.so + samba300RC2 + LDAP

Service Informatique iut-ulp.sos-informatique at iutlpa.u-strasbg.fr
Mon Sep 8 11:24:34 GMT 2003

  We've got the 'ldap auth sync = yes' working perfectly, but we'd like to have
the SMB's passwords updated via passwd an PAM aware apps.

  We tryed pam_smbpass.so but without any effects no matter of the different
required, sufficient or optionnal keywords in the /etc.pam.d/passwd :
passwd sufficient pam_ldap.so
passwd optionnal pam_smbpass.so audit nullok use_authtok try_first_pass
passwd required pam_unix.so try_first_pass ...

  Has anyone successfully achieved this ?

  I'm wondering if pam_smbpass has been fully rewrited for 3.0.0's branch to
support ldapsam.

  Further, i'd like that a user with only a valid PAM passwd could init his SMB
passwd with a simple passwd... In my oppinion, it should be straightway done by
the use_authtok itself in pam_smbpass.

NOTE: We use Debian's unstable version of the required packages (samba-*,
libpam-smbpass) and the new LDAP SAM schema.

  Thanks in advance,

Service Informatique
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