[Samba] Samba-3 Ldap Adding Administrator Account

Sean Kellogg skellogg at u.washington.edu
Sun Sep 7 23:55:50 GMT 2003

Okay...  you're a bit light on information, but let me see if I can assist and 
I'll just make a few assumptions.

First, you'll have to create a unix account with the name Administrator, and 
then use smbpasswd -a to give the guy the necessary samba info.  In order to 
give our user 'Administrator' the necessary rights to actually tromp around 
the domain as an administrator, he'll (strange...  I never think of root as 
having a gender, but Administrator seems like a he) have to be part of a 
group that is mapped to the Domain Administrator group.

To do this, add a unix group named 'domadmin', and then use the 'net groupmap' 
command to associate the proper RID (the domian admin RID is 512) with the 
unix group.  Then add your Administrator user to the domadmin group, restart 
the samba server (may not be necessary), and everything should work as 

I have a bunch of links about this stuff back at work, but its Sunday, and as 
much fun as it would be to ssh into my work box, I try not to during the 
weekend.  If you need further assistance or expectation (like how to use 
net...  its a bit of a beast), just shout and I'll try and dig up those links 
on Monday for ya.


On Monday 08 September 2003 02:52 am, godber at win.co.nz wrote:
> How do you add an "Administrator" account to ldap.
> I want to leave root in /etc/passwd but have "Administrator" in ldap
> I have checked Howto Collection and the Samba-Ldap-3 but they contain no
> information. The Ldap-Howto has a suggestion but then says not to use.
> Godfrey

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