[Samba] Re: Samba-3 Ldap Adding Administrator Account

Service Informatique iut-ulp.sos-informatique at iutlpa.u-strasbg.fr
Mon Sep 8 11:35:15 GMT 2003

godber at win.co.nz wrote:
> How do you add an "Administrator" account to ldap.
> I want to leave root in /etc/passwd but have "Administrator" in ldap
> I have checked Howto Collection and the Samba-Ldap-3 but they contain no information. The Ldap-Howto has a suggestion but then says not to use.
> Godfrey 

I don't know which version of samba you have, i use samba 3.0.0rc2 and LDAP.

I didn't wanted to have root in LDAP too as I plan to use my LDAP for 
two servers and I don't want the same root account/password.

In my smb.conf i write :
passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap:// tdbsam guest

then restart samba, and launch :
pdbedit -b tdbsam -a root

You can check if it worked with
pdbedit -b tdbsam -L -v

It worked for me perfectly.

I've added later root and a few others to the "Domain Admin" group in a 
LDAP entry.

The drawback is that the account's still named 'root', not 'Administrator'.

  I hope i'll help you a bit.

Service Informatique
IUT Louis Pasteur Schiltigheim

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