[Samba] Re: domain join - no sambaSamAccount created

U. Dettmer udettmer at gmx.net
Fri Sep 5 15:26:50 GMT 2003

thanks for your quick answer, Bjorn !

> - first make a machine-account _ONLY_ in PosixAccount.

Yes, I used
/usr/bin/cpu useradd machine$ -d /dev/null -f
/etc/samba/scripts/machadd.cfg -F machine$ -L machine$ -g 511 -p xxx
to create a valid Unix user ( User object with posixAccount auxilliary class
extended ). Samba still does not add it's sambaSamAccount class if I create
the machine account this way. However, "smbpasswd -amn" works and I can join
the Windows box to the domain if I run both commands manually.

> - then try to run the wizard from XP with a (or better to be sure, THE)
> root account.

Sorry, I forget to mention it - I am already using the root account for

> You need to have "add machine script" configed for this ofcourse.

My problem seems to be, that *only* the "add machine script" script is
running, but Samba forgets to do it's own job ( adding the sambaSamAccount
aux. class to the user object ).

> I had the same problem adding clients to the domain...
> but when I tried this procedure, it worked 4 me.

Hopefully I will get this far soon, too ;-)

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