[Samba] domain join - no sambaSamAccount created

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Fri Sep 5 12:55:11 GMT 2003

Did you try to:
- first make a machine-account _ONLY_ in PosixAccount.
- then try to run the wizard from XP with a (or better to be sure, THE) 
root account.

You need to have "add machine script" configed for this ofcourse.

I had the same problem adding clients to the domain...
but when I tried this procedure, it worked 4 me.

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we are using Samba 3 ( CVS checkout from 09/01 ) on a SuSE 8.2 box with 
all patches applied. The passdb backend is LDAP / eDirectory 8.7 on 
another machine. The Samba box is supposed to work as a stand alone 
domain controller, so I am testing to join a client machine to it's 
This is my "add machine script": /usr/bin/cpu useradd %u -d /dev/null -f 
/etc/samba/scripts/machadd.cfg -F %u -L %u -g 511 -p xxx
I've manually tested this script and it's reliably creating a functional 
user with the necessary posixAccount class attached. When I do a 
"smbpasswd -amn" on that user object it becomes a Samba machine account 
just as it should.
But when I run the "Network ID"-Wizard from the Windows XP client I get 
a "bad username or password" message when Windows is at the point of 
actually requesting the machine account on the DC.
Strangely, the correct posixAccount is indeed being created - Samba 
simply "forgets" to add the SambaSamAccount after the script ran. This 
also what the LDAP log tells me: There are no errors at all, but the 
LDAP traffic still stops right after the posixAccount user is added.
I've also got a level 3 Samba log for the client machine. It doesn't 
tell me much more, but it can be mailed on request.
Thanks for any help !

Ulf Dettmer

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