[Samba] Two questions on Samba

claudio claudio at mediaservice.net
Wed Sep 3 15:45:30 GMT 2003

I try to respond to your questions....

Jason Williams wrote:

> Morning everyone.
> I have two quick questions that im trying to find out.
> First one is on logging. What log file to go through to see why a 
> particular client cannot gain access to a certain share? For example: 
> Im using samba as a test server in our company. I have setup two users 
> and added them both to the same group. I then assigned the option ' 
> valid useres = @group' and both users are part of the @group.
> However, only one can access it, while the other one cannot. 

Seems a problem of  permissions on the directory.... are you sure they 
are right? must be 770 or something similar to permit all the users in 
the group to access to the share...

> Also, when I navigate to /var/log/samba/ and look inside, I see logs 
> for all the computers on our network. That normal? 

Depends how you have selected to log into the smb.conf. Example:
If in smb.conf you write
log file = /varlog//log.%m
Samba writes the log for each machine (%m is the name of the machine 
contacts samba, so a file log.machinename is generated for each machine....)

> Lastly, anyone have any idea as to why one of my users can access a 
> share why the other one cannot, in the referenced issue above?
> Thank you.
> Jason
Best Regards.


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