[Samba] Two questions on Samba

Jason Williams jwilliams at courtesymortgage.com
Wed Sep 3 15:30:16 GMT 2003

Morning everyone.

I have two quick questions that im trying to find out.

First one is on logging. What log file to go through to see why a 
particular client cannot gain access to a certain share? For example: Im 
using samba as a test server in our company. I have setup two users and 
added them both to the same group. I then assigned the option ' valid 
useres = @group' and both users are part of the @group.

However, only one can access it, while the other one cannot.
Also, when I navigate to /var/log/samba/ and look inside, I see logs for 
all the computers on our network. That normal?

Lastly, anyone have any idea as to why one of my users can access a share 
why the other one cannot, in the referenced issue above?

Thank you.


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