[Samba] Re: NT: Cannot set default print options for client

Rainer Hubovsky rainer at hubovsky.net
Tue Sep 2 14:40:46 GMT 2003

Gerald (Jerry) Carter writes:
 > Hash: SHA1
 > On Mon, 1 Sep 2003, Rainer Hubovsky wrote:
 > > > * I put my printer drivers on the [print$] share
 > > > * Did everything as described in the Samba-Howto Colletcion
 > > >   (made the first connection as root, etc.)
 > > > * Connected to the printers with a normal user and now I cannot change the
 > > >   default print options allthough the user is in the local
 > > >   Administrators group. Everything is grayed out.
 > local admin != printer admin on the server.

Hm, maybe I misunderstood the Howto. I thought it is possible for the
printer admin to change and save the default settings which the
clients get when they connect to the printer for the first time and
for every user to save her own default settings for printing. Is that


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