[Samba] more info: strange messages while accessing UTF8 coded files

Joerg.Thomas.Vogt at Sun.COM Joerg.Thomas.Vogt at Sun.COM
Mon Sep 1 15:48:47 GMT 2003


sorry, I have missed some details:

Platform: Sun V480 / UltraSparc
Compiler: Sun Forte 6 Update 2
Samba: 3.0.0.rc2
LibIconv: 1.9.1
MIT Kerberos: 1.3.1
OpenLDAP: 2.1.22

Client: Windows XP with Catia V4

Excerpt from smb.conf:

; character set handling
preserve case = yes
mangle case = no
;Character set wegen kurioser Zeichen in CATIA model Namen festgelegt
;character set = ISO8859-1
;client code page = 850
# work around for bug lib/charset/646.so: No such file or directory
# Vogt/SUN 21.08.03
dos charset = CP850
unix charset = UTF8
display charset = UTF8

A Catia V4 file named e.g.


will be shown in XP-Explorer as

with length 0

Cheers, Thomas

>I have  strange error messages in log.smbd while accessing a
>Catia file through Samba:
> smbd/statcache.c:(122)
>  OOPS - tried to store stat cache entry for werid length paths >[TMP/HECKDECKEL] 14 and >[tmp/HECK????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1.session] 73)!
>(if the UTF8 character will be lost on mail transmission: it is a  
>combination of +-)
>Before and after that message there are a lot of 
>  short utf8 write
>Could anyone give me a hint??

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