[Samba] Samba ver1.9.15p6 problem

Aruphk hk aruphk at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 15 10:39:38 GMT 2003

Dear Sir

We are the user of Samba ver 1.9.15p6 running on Sun OS 4.1.x platform.   We 
have recently found that our Samba not working anymore.   After a whole day 
checking, we have found that the problem is caused by the system date.  If 
the system date is set to today date, the Sun Machine will stop during 
reboot while running "startsmb".  After we change the date to 15 days 
before, everything is OK.   Please advise whether there is a time period for 
using Samba.   How can we fix it?  Does the latest version Samba still 
support Sun OS 4.1.x?



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