[Samba] domain admin group equiv. with 3.0?

Kaleb Pederson kpederson at mail.ewu.edu
Tue Oct 14 20:45:54 GMT 2003

I was previously using 2.2.8 and had 'domain admin group = @smbadmin' set 
making anybody in the smbadmin group an administrator.  However, with 
samba-3.0 that went away.  So, I set 'admin users = @smbadmin name1 name2...' 
but it doesn't give my users administrative privilege.  The logs seem to 
indicate that the account has administrative privileges but they do not.

log.smbd shows this:

[2003/10/14 13:33:46, 0] smbd/service.c:set_admin_user(314)
  name1 logged in as admin user (root privileges)

BUG?: man samba mentions smbgroupedit, but this does not exist on my system, 
nor does the manpage in question?  Is there particular option that configure 
has to be passed in order for it to show up?

    The  smbgroupedit  tool  allows  for mapping unix groups to NT Builtin, 
Domain, or Local groups. Also it allows setting priviledges for that group, 
such as saAddUser, etc.

I presume this is the tool I need, but couldn't seem to find more than a 
cursory mention of it anywhere.

Thanks for the help.


PS: I'm not on the list (although I will try to watch it for the next few 
days), so please CC me - thanks.

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