[Samba] RE: SPAM

Dietrich Streifert dietrich.streifert at visionet.de
Wed Oct 15 07:24:12 GMT 2003

Fortunately my ISP has a firewall wich blocks the virus attachments
from most spam message I get since I subscribed for AND mailed to
the samba list. But there are about 100 to 150 messages a day reaching
my mailbox.

The simpliest way to catch all the email addresses of the list is to
become member of the mailing list and run a simple filter to collect
all the email adresses. And then: happy spamming!

The other possibility is that some users have infected systems wich
send spam to all email adresses found in their inbox.

I don't think the postmasters of the samba list can do anything about

I will unsibscribe from the list after this message. Lets see if the
spam rate goes down.


Best Regards,
 Dietrich Streifert

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