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Erik Soderquist ?rta:
| Reason I ask, I have SCO 5.0.? With samba installed and it looks like
ACL's are not an option for this machine. I'm looking at replacing both
the SCO box and some win2k servers with linux (redhat 9). The main file
server isn't an option without the ACL's though. What versions of samba
have the ACL support?
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| Hi Erik.
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|>Can these be adjusted from a windows workstation, or must they be
adjusted from
|>the *nix machine?
| Surely, WinNT(4,5) "Security" tab works fine. Win9x assumed to be dead.
| Alexey
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|>Erik Soderquist нrta:
|>| In windows, I can set user1 to read only, user2 to full control, user3
|>| to write only, user 4 to modify, user 5 to delete only, user 6 to no
|>| direct access but can change permissions, etc. can I, how can I set this
|>| kind of granular permission with samba on linux?
|>You should use samba with acl support, on top of an acl enabled
|>filesystem, e.g.:
Any recent 2.2.x (I think from 2.2.5) and 3.0 also.
Just to be shure, that they are configured --with-acls, and you have the
~ libacl-devel package installed.

Good Luck!

Geza Gemes
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