[Samba] Swen virus and spam appears to be coming from Samba list

tvsjr tvsjr at sprynet.com
Sun Oct 12 03:44:10 GMT 2003

At 11:39 PM 10/11/2003 -0400, Steve Smith wrote:
 >Shortly after I subscribed to this Samba list I started receiving numerous
 >emails infected with the Swen/Gibe worm. Many of these emails contained the
 >email addresses of Samba list members. I believe a subscriber of the Samba
 >list has the Swen virus. Has anyone else on this list been getting emails
 >infected with the Swen/Gibe worm? Please update your virus definitions and
 >do a virus scan just to make sure your it's not your computer that is
 >sending out this virus.

YES! I subscribed a couple of days ago, and my daily Swen count has gone 
from 1-2/day to >200/day. At 55KB/ea., that's a pretty fair chunk of 
traffic over my poor IDSL line, too. Norton has been successfully nuking 
all of them...


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