[Samba] Swen virus and spam appears to be coming from Samba list

Steve Smith s.w.smith at usa.net
Sun Oct 12 03:39:30 GMT 2003

Shortly after I subscribed to this Samba list I started receiving numerous emails infected with the Swen/Gibe worm. Many of these emails contained the email addresses of Samba list members. I believe a subscriber of the Samba list has the Swen virus. Has anyone else on this list been getting emails infected with the Swen/Gibe worm? Please update your virus definitions and do a virus scan just to make sure your it's not your computer that is sending out this virus.

You may not know that this but this Samba list is posted to the newsgroups. See http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&group=linux.samba. While most of you know better than to use a real email address for usenet, Samba list subscriber's must supply a real email address and your email addresses are then exposed to the net where you will be surely spammed. I'm going to unsubscribe but since these messesages are archived by Google, it's probably too late. It's too bad because I'd really like to stay subscribed and learn more about Samba. But, I'll still be able to follow the posts with my news reader. 

Steve Smith

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