[Samba] Walkthrough for Samba 3, Squid and ntlm_auth

OneNonly onenonly at itmanagers.net
Fri Oct 10 13:32:40 GMT 2003

For those who are wanting Squid to do NTLM authentication (transparent in
IE) against an Active Directory server (using Winbind), I've release a
Walkthrough that may be of interest.

Find out about it here: http://itmanagers.net/article-4--0-0.html

Hopefully Squid's FAQ will soon include details of using Samba 3's
ntlm_auth as well as the wb_ntlmauth helper that worked for Samba 2.x but
in the meantime hopefully this walkthrough will help some..

(This is dedicated to those that, like me, upgraded to Samba 3 and found
that the wb_ntlmauth helper no longer worked...  doh!)

Cheers to the Samba Team for all the hard work!!

Daniel Palmer
IT Managers.net - The Support Group

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