[Samba] active directory pains

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Fri Oct 10 04:13:48 GMT 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 02:51, David Bear wrote:
> After googling a bit, it seems that only way samba playes with active
> directory is with samba 3.x  
> I'f been use samba 2.x with 'pass through' authentication and would
> like to get rid of the pass through auth cause it seems to cause
> problems.  Yet, I don't know if I can trust samba 3 -- 

Samba 3.0 adds kerberos support, and a better way to work with active
directory servers.   For NTLM logins, we still 'pass through' the
request, in the same way a Win2k server does.

> Has anyone been able to get a samba 2.x server to join a an Active
> Directory domain?

This has been standard use of Samba for years now.  We just look like an
NT4 server.

> My assumptions are the joining Active Directory is 'different' than
> joining an nt style 'domain'.  

It isn't really.  For NT4 servers, they think it's an NT4 domain, and
continue on with their day.  Samba 2.2 looks like NT4 in this respect.

> The samba.org sites seems to be devoid
> if documents detailing what I really want... which is
>  1) having samba auth users against active directory

This is all very clearly documented in the Samba 3.0 HOWTO.

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