[Samba] active directory pains

David Bear David.Bear at asu.edu
Tue Oct 7 16:51:56 GMT 2003

After googling a bit, it seems that only way samba playes with active
directory is with samba 3.x  

I'f been use samba 2.x with 'pass through' authentication and would
like to get rid of the pass through auth cause it seems to cause
problems.  Yet, I don't know if I can trust samba 3 -- 

Has anyone been able to get a samba 2.x server to join a an Active
Directory domain?

My assumptions are the joining Active Directory is 'different' than
joining an nt style 'domain'.  The samba.org sites seems to be devoid
if documents detailing what I really want... which is
 1) having samba auth users against active directory

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