[Samba] Understanding the role of DMB/LMB on a net that has a WINS server

David Wuertele dave-gnus at bfnet.com
Thu Oct 9 17:15:42 GMT 2003

If I have a client that wants to enumerate and access shares on a
subnet, and that client knows the IP of the WINS server, is there any
need for the client to use the "browsing" services of a DMB or LMB?

What is the order of operations of the client?  Here is what I imagine
to be the case:

1.  client asks LMB for a list of all available shares
2.  LMB sends client the list of all known shares
3.  for each name in the list of known shares, client asks WINS
    server for the server's IP address
4.  WINS server replies with each name resolution

Is there a document which describes the protocol?  I have read RFC
1001 and 1002 but they don't give a high-level procedure.  I think the
process is also slightly different for M and H hosts.

If there is a WINS server, does there still have to be an LMB and DMB?
If there is an LMB, why does the client need to access the WINS server
directly?  Why not just have the LMB do the resolution?  It would
result in less traffic.


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