[Samba] Dumb Question about Domains and PDC's

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Wed Oct 8 16:57:12 GMT 2003

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Matthew Carpenter írta:
| Dumb Question...
| What is the value of a Domain in a small Samba-server environment?  Why is
| it better than a "security = user"?
| What are the drawbacks of a Domain in a small (singleserver even)
| environment?
| Thanks!
I feel that you made a confusion assuming security = domain and security
= server comparasion.
Security = user is for the case, when your samba is acting as a
standalone server, or as a domain controler (either PDC or BDC)
Security = server
Security = domain
Security = ads
is for the case when samba is using the authentication services of an
other box.
Security = server means, that samba is maintaning a connection to a
Windows NT box, and uses this to authenticate the incoming connections
(just like Win9x in user level security, when you specify an NT machine,
as the source of accounts)
Security = domain, and
Security = ads means, that you join an NT4 or Active Directory style
domain, and basicaly forward all of the incoming conections
authentication requests to one of its domain controlers.

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