[Samba] Re: Venturing into SAMBA-LDAP

paul k paul at subsignal.org
Tue Oct 7 09:35:41 GMT 2003

Narayanasamy, Sundar wrote:

> Hi,
> Finally I have decided to give go ahead for Samba-LDAP. The questions are
> 1)I have a system that provides LDAP directory access. Is there anyway, 
I could just point my SAMBA server to point to that and say 'get the users
No. You need to integrate samba.schema and populate users.

  Or do I have to setup a local LDAP and then add Samba to that.
You may configure your existing LDAP to work with samba.

> 2) Could my Samba be just a workgroup to configure LDAP with it or does it have to be a PDC.
Works both.


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