[Samba] Venturing into SAMBA-LDAP

Narayanasamy, Sundar sundar.narayanasamy at medtronic.com
Mon Oct 6 21:03:12 GMT 2003


Finally I have decided to give go ahead for Samba-LDAP. The questions are

1)I have a system that provides LDAP directory access. Is there anyway, I could just point my SAMBA server to point to that and say 'get the users authenticated'? Or do I have to setup a local LDAP and then add Samba to that.

2) Could my Samba be just a workgroup to configure LDAP with it or does it have to be a PDC.

3) I am planning to use Samba on Solaris 8. Could this work or are there known problems? (My current Samba 2.x is not compiled with LDAp support)

Any help to let me start off will be deeply appreciated.


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