[Samba] getting samba to "mount" a shared volume on a Win2K server

Dan Kramarsky dan at trangosys.com
Mon Oct 6 20:14:07 GMT 2003

is there a HOW-TO  on getting smbclient ( or some other client )
to 'mount' a volume from a SMB/CIFS in the /mnt  directory in RH 8.0

i can use the smbclient and retreive files from win2k server
in a shell console.   this is very tedious and not very handy at all!!

what i need is to able to use
the "Open File" dialog box that is used with OpenOffice.org 1.01.  this
would be much easier if the shared SMB/CIFS volume on the Win2k server
was _actually_  mounted within /mnt directory.

[  even a GUI for the 'smbclient' would be nice here.  help!  ]

anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

Dan Kramarsky
Software Validation Engineer

Trango Broadband Wireless, Inc.

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